Get Hickory smoked!

  My name is Chris “Hickory” Vickers.  I’ve been blowing glass since 2001. Before that I made and sold pipes that were made of materials other than glass. I used different types of stone, wood, antlers, and bamboo. Once I was able to give glassblowing a try I realized the endless possibilities it offered. There was no going back. My style has changed over the years as I explored those possibilities.  These days I’m working with this tree style, exploring the “nature” of glass. As I explore this medium I find it’s grounded in nature. It’s form, it’s flow, the physics and laws of physics. Creating pieces inspired by nature has become a way for me to connect to the reality of glass.  That reality is amazingly diverse. I am constantly awed and inspired by the work of others and the realities they create, often pieces that are very “unnatural” or alien-like.

   Most of my work goes to stores in the Northeast, The Full Tank in Burlington, Vt., Stash and Stowe in Waterbury, VT, The Bern Gallery in Burlington, VT, OPM in Providence RI, Herbal tea and Tobacco in Bangor, ME, 42 degrees in Glens Falls, NY, Shakedown in Long Island, NY, A Kind Place in Bennington VT, Shock and Awe in Waterbury CT, The Blaze'n Ace in Portland, ME. Anyone looking for my work should contact one of these stores. Over the years I’ve been developing relationships with those stores owners. I feel the people I work with see our relationship as symbiotic and that together we make a living for our selves. Each summer I blow glass and vend at Gathering of the Vibes, In Bridgport, CT. I really enjoy meeting the people who will be using my pieces. Hope to see you there next year. Stop by and say "Hi". 


Peace, Hickory.

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